Our Company

We are a stealth technology start-up building the technological and real estate infrastructure to facilitate the future of mobility. The company will provide B2C and B2B solutions.

The company is led by an experienced executive team with complementary backgrounds, including a successful LA-based tech founder, a technical leader from eHarmony and DogVacay, senior professionals from major global financial services firms, and engineering talent from Google, HauteLook, Rubicon Project and Honey, amongst others.

Current Openings

Director Of Product

The company is seeking a Director Of Product to build its mobility platform from the ground up. The Director will identify and document the requirements, lead the UI design and work closely with the Engineering team to ensure that we ship products that delight our customers.

As the founding member of the Product team, you will have the opportunity to work with an incredible team that has deep expertise in mobility, real estate and finance. We are looking for a Product Manager that is entrepreneurial and passionate about the mobility space.

Director Of Product (Growth/B2B)

The company is seeking a Director Of Product to spearhead Growth, B2B and Operations product initiatives. The Director will connect the dots between functions as varied as logistics, computer vision, user experience and user acquisition.

You should have very strong product skills that allows you to distill highly technical information down to understandable requirements. Since this role will require you to work with R&D teams that may work on long-term projects, you should have very strong project management skills, to ensure timely delivery of features. You would be interacting almost daily with General Managers of various cities and regions and building products that will be the engine of the company’s mobility platform.

Data Engineer

Metropolis is seeking a Data Engineer to lead the design and implementation of its data platform. As part of an early-stage team, you will have the unique opportunity to build the company’s data-driven culture

You will be responsible for the implementation of the systems that collect, transform and store data. You will use machine learning and statistical techniques to generate insights from data. You will own the development of visualization tools and lead the creation of dashboards that track KPI’s.

IT Support Engineer

If you have a passion for the future of mobility, including last mile transport, autonomous vehicles, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft and their surrounding ecosystem, the Company provides the opportunity to join at an early stage. Upon emerging from stealth, the Company will quickly become one of the sector’s highest profile companies. Along the way, you will also partner closely with some of the tech sector’s most influential and successful investors, building a portfolio of intersecting business verticals in technology, real estate and mobility services.

Sr. Engineer

The company is seeking a Sr. Engineer to lead the design and implementation of its mobility platform. As one of the early-stage members of the Engineering team, you will have the opportunity to build systems from the ground-up. Even though we are partial to languages that run on the JVM, we want an Engineer who is not constrained by programming languages, development paradigms and frameworks.

Your responsibilities won’t be limited to just designing and implementing the code. You will also have a big role to play in defining the direction of our product. Our goal is to build an inclusive culture where everyone has a voice and you will play a key role in building and maintaining this culture.

Sr. Front-end/UI Engineer

The company is seeking a Sr. Front-End Engineer to lead the implementation of its mobility apps. You will have a key role to play in the implementation of the first version of our consumer-facing native mobile apps. You should be passionate about building great UI and be open to the idea of using the right tool for the job, versus following the hype.

You should be the kind of front-end engineer that cares less about the number of JavaScript libraries you know and more about the software engineering principles that enables you to write code that scales. You will be required to work directly with the back-end engineers and collaborate with them to craft products that delight our customers.